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Wednesday, 20 September 2017


Rabbi Michael Ber Weissmandl and Gizi Fleischmann in Bratislava;George Mantello and Recha Sternbuch in Switzerland;Raoul Wallenberg, Per Anger, Giorgio "Jorge" Perlasca, Carl Lutz, Monsignor Angello Rotta in Budapest; Josef and Rivka Bau in Plashow;Chiune Sugihara in Lithuania;Hillel Kook (alias Peter Bergson) in New York;Rabbi Solomon Schonfeld and Nicholas Winton in Britain;

The list is smallTheir task is greatTo rescue JewsFrom their tragic fateIn the darkness of the nightThey shine their lightThe courageous fewWith a sacred taskTo save the Jew.Boldly they step into the darknessThey do not hesitateThey will not, they cannotLeave the Jews to their dismal fateThe Rescuers....Let their names be inscribed foreverIn the Golden Book of LifeTell it to our childrenFor generations yet to comeHow they saved tens of thousands of our peopleFrom the Nazi Gehinnom.So tell the world their storyTheir heroic feats make knownNot for fame or glory,With them we were not aloneSPOKEN:All over EuropeWhen all hope of deliverance had goneLights suddenly went on.In Slovakia, in BudapestIn the East and the WestThe rescuers rose upThe doomed Jews to wrestFrom the Nazi beast,Of humankind they were the best.

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